Business Insurance

If your business suffers financial loss as a result of an insurable event, business insurance can help meet the cost and limit the effect on your operation. Business Insurance can cover you for resulting from:

  • Material damage to, or loss of, your property and/or premises
  • Loss of profit caused by that loss or damage
  • Burglary/theft of your property or monies
  • Glass breakage
  • Your legal liability to the public arising from damage to their property or personal injury caused by your business activities
  • Material damage to your tools and equipment Australia-wide
  • Electrical breakdown of your machines or computer equipment

Business Insurance ensures that you can survive the unexpected with minimal financial loss. Depending on which business insurance elements you choose, you can cover the essentials – like Property and Liability cover – and the additionals that are relevant to your financial exposure.

The team at Capital Innovation Insurance Group have access to a wide range of products to suit your needs. Contact us to find out if you have the right cover, or to arrange a quote.