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Industrial Special Risks (ISR)

An ISR policy covers loss or damage to your property by any cause not specifically excluded by the policy. It is typically the broadest, and most flexible, property policy available, and is designed for businesses with substantial property assets.

An ISR policy can cover the following:

  • Loss and/or damage to your buildings, plant and machinery, contents, stock, raw materials, unregistered vehicles and also covers the property of directors and employees
  • Loss of profit, reduction in revenue or rentals and/or increased expenditure from damage to your property including as a result of contingent damage to property at the premises of your suppliers, customers and utilities.
  • Burglary, theft of your property and money, and loss due to employee dishonesty
  • Accidental damage to your property, glass breakage
  • Removal of debris, extra cost or re-instatement, re-writing of records and professional fees for claims preparation

ISR insurance can be complex and it is important that your policy is arranged correctly. If you would like more information about this product, please contact us.

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