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Management Liability Insurance

Government agencies, like WorkCover and the ACCC, are becoming increasingly vigilant in investigating, and prosecuting, business owners and managers who have breached, or failed to comply with, their legal responsibilities.

The resulting legal defence costs alone can be very expensive, let alone any monetary fines that are imposed.

Management Liability Insurance can provide for a range of potential liabilities, protecting your organisation’s assets and resources, as well as your personal assets.

Management Liability Insurance can cover the following components:

  • Wrongful acts of company directors or officers
  • Costs incurred in investigating your company’s affairs
  • Claims against your Company arising from its wrongful act(s)
  • Employment Practices Liability arising from breaching responsibility to your employees
  • Corporation Crisis Cover
  • Fines and Penalties Cover resulting from your actions, and those of fellow directors

No two policies are ever the same in the elements they cover. Contact us to find out more about how this product can protect your interests.

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