Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Through Vigilant adherence to our Values: to become the insurance broker of choice within our market sector.


Our Values


The continual innovation of our products, services and systems sets us apart from others in the industry. This commitment to innovation lets us provide you with the an array of solutions and services, and empowers our employees with the skills, confidence and know-how to deliver your needs in a clear and concise manner.


We encourage our staff to be leaders. Strong, positive leadership governs business excellence and compliance across all our business undertakings.

As leaders, we actively seek feedback, guide improvement and promote development of our services, products and people.


We are compassionate about your needs and concerns. We foster compassion and encourage efficiency, which provides peace of mind and support to both clients and employees.


We understand that the little things are important to you. We are passionate about attention to detail in all our undertakings. You will always know we care.


We operate within a value of complete trust and believe that this, together with honesty and loyalty, form the foundations of every great relationship. We value the trust we have gained from our clients and employees.