Workers Compensation

Traditionally workers compensation claims were handled by the relevant insurance companies directly. However, as an insurance broker, we keep up to date with the claims with our Workers Compensation claims manager actively monitoring and administering the claims. We have an electronic claims system which allows us to assist you with management of the claims and appropriate paperwork relating to them.

Capital Innovation Insurance Group Pty Ltd’s dedicated workers compensation claims manager will support you with:

  • -  One-on-one training.
  • -  Assisting with notification of injuries and claims to the insurer, which is a requirement under the Act.
  • -  Providing workers compensation claim forms to you and appropriate follow up.
  • -  Lodging completed workers compensation claim forms and relevant documents for active claims on behalf of the client.
  • -  Following up continuing and final certificates with clients to make certain injured employees are medically certified and to assist with timely closure of claims.
  • -  Providing advice on return to work plans and requirements for you and your employee.
  • -  Liaising with you and the insurer throughout the claim to ensure an optimal outcome.
  • -  Assisting with wage reimbursement and medical claims.
  • -  Conducting claims reviews with you and insurer to guarantee your claims receive optimal service levels.
  • -  Ensuring you are aware of obligations under the Act and providing relative material.
  • -  Ensuring you are aware of any legislation changes and the impact this may have on you.